Product data management

Product Robot

Our product data management application "Product Robot" works as an intermediary between all data sources and store frontends and other applications that consume data. It provides real-time updates and serves as a central database. It will allow you to connect several internal systems, e-commerce platforms and third-party tools, which can be both suppliers of data and consumers.

It can keep stocks information from multiple warehouses and distribute fresh information to all connected apps with every change. At the same time, it processes reservations from all frontends in order to avoid conflicting orders of items with low stock.

The main strength of Product Robot is automation. The data can be modified according to sets of predefined rules. It can save you a lot of manual labor.

Some examples where Product Robot can help you:

  • Connecting to marketplacesProduct Robot will handle regular product data, stock availability and price export to all online marketplaces. You can control which products you will export directly in the application manually or using defined rules and automations.

  • Change of ERP, CRM or accounting systemYou can easily connect part of the data to the new system and the transition will be significantly less risky. We will help you synchronize product data across all old and new systems and allow you to define the source of individual information across these systems. So big changes don't have to be made all at once.

  • Change of e-commerce platformAn unlimited number of data consumers can be connected to Product Robot at the same time. The same data can be received by your current online store and the newly prepared replacement. Both applications will receive the data in the format they need and will not interfere with each other.

  • Easy experiments with new conceptsIf you want to try out a new product line or just experiment in the way you communicate, we can connect a selected part of your product data to one of SaaS e-commerce platforms in a very short time. The new e-shop can be then up and running in a matter of days and with minimal costs.

  • Product category classificationCategorizing products can be very time consuming. With a good automation setup, the whole process can be greatly simplified. We can add products into your category tree from commonly available data such as manufacturer, product type, price and other product parameters.

Image and video processing

The "Image server" application processes and optimizes your product photos and videos. Media can be uploaded both manually and automatically. The application then links them to specific products and their variants in your database according to the specified file nomenclature. Manual inclusion in the web interface is also possible.

We usually use it as one of the components of the entire e-commerce ecosystem. However, it is also possible to use it completely independently.


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